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Data Types

Datatype defined as the what type of data store in program , like int char etc.

Data Type Format Specifier Description
int %d integer in decimal.
float %f Float.
char %c Character.
string %s String.
Boolean (Using integers) %d Use with integers (0 for false, 1 for true) to print boolean values.

#include <stdio.h>
// importing booling in header 
 #include <stdbool.h> 

 main() {
    /* initializing & declaring data types with values.*/
  int age = 42;
  float percentage = 3.14;
  double  bigper= 123.456789;
  char grade = 'A';
  bool boolVar = true; // 1 represents true
  printf("Age in integer: %d\n", age);
  printf("Percentage in float: %.2f\n", percentage);
  printf("Bigpercentage in double: %lf\n", bigper);
  printf("Grade incharacter: %c\n", grade);
  printf("Boolean value in bool : %d\n", boolVar);   
  Age in integer: 42
  Percentage in float: 3.14
  Bigpercentage in double: 123.456789
  Grade incharacter: A
  Boolean value in bool : 1
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