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Key words

keywords are the predefined and we cannot be change, this are all giving special meanings to the compilerall keywords must be returned in lowercase

This key can't used as a Indentifiersin the program.

Keyword Description
auto Declare automatic variable
break Exit from loop or switch statement
case Label for a case in a switch statement
char Character data type
const Declare read-only variable
continue Continue to the next iteration of a loop
default Label for the default case in a switch statement
do Start a do...while loop
double Double-precision floating-point data type
else Execute an alternative statement in an if...else statement
enum Declare an enumeration
extern Declare an external variable or function
float Single-precision floating-point data type
for Start a for loop
goto Jump to a labeled statement
if Conditional statement
int Integer data type
long Long integer data type
register Declare a register variable
return Return a value from a function
short Short integer data type
signed Declare a signed variable
sizeof Size in bytes of a data type or object
static Declare a static variable or function
struct Declare a structure
switch Start a switch statement
typedef Define a new data type
union Declare a union
unsigned Declare an unsigned variable
void Void data type
volatile Declare a volatile variable
while Start a while loop


identify a reference to the name of function, variable and arrays. These are all user-defined types

Here is the simple example using int :-

Ruls of assiging identifier

 #include <stdio.h>
  int main() {
//age is an identifier for a variable of type int
   int age; 
// Assign the value 25 to the 'age'variable
   age = 27;
   printf("My age is %d years.\n", age);
       return 0;

My age is 27 years.
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